How to create a new design for a Sales Invoice report in D365FO

In this post, I'll try to describe how to create a new Sales Invoice report design using SSRS and X++

Understanding D365FO Version control system and why it is different from AX2012

In this post, I describe some scenarios for Team Foundation Version Control usage in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and how it is different from AX2012.

Resolving performance issues caused by parameters sniffing in AX2012 and D365FO

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D365FO Table browser extension

This post describes an extension for the standard D365FO table browser that allows root navigation and editing for non-development environments.

Visual Studio extensions to simplify your D365FO debug experience

In this post, I want to describe some great Visual Studio extensions to simplify your D365FO debug experience.

Examples of AX2012/ AX2009 performance problems

This post describes some real-life examples of AX2012/AX2009 performance problems and solutions for them.

D365FO class extensions naming tool

The post describes a solution for naming extension classes in D365FO based on naming guidelines rules

Comparing D365FO development VMs performance

Comparing the performance of 3 typical VM configurations for D365FO development