How to increase your AX2012R3 database synchronisation speed

Describes custom plan command that can increase AX2012 database synchronisation speed

How to read Excel and CSV files in D365FO using X++

Helper classes to read the data from Excel(xlsx) and CSV files using X++ code

Dynamics AX performance audit

How to perform Dynamics AX performance audit to resolve performance problems

How to design a successful integration

There are many ways to implement integration between D365FO and external systems. In this document, I propose the actual checklist of what you need to consider to successfully design an integration solution

Create ledger journals in D365FO using X++

Create ledger journals using X++ is quite a common task, in this post I'll try to describe possible options how to perform it

Tool to filter in a query as a developer

X++ tool that adds a system field name in a standard query filter field lookup

Working with Financial dimensions in D365FO

Working with the financial dimensions framework has become much more difficult starting with the AX2012. This post describes the most common problems and how to resolve them

30 additional methods to the Global class

Global class is a standard class that contains a lot of small static functions. This post describes additional functions that extend it.