Working with LedgerDimension values from posted transactions in D365FO

October 14, 2021

Recently we faced and fixed an interesting bug. We had a custom procedure that reversed a posted ledger journal. The logic of this procedure is quite simple - take the existing values from LedgetDimension fields for posted lines and create the same transactions but with the negative amount.

So the simplified version of the code looked like this:

debitAccount  = ledgerJournalTransSource.LedgerDimension;
creditAccount  = ledgerJournalTransVariance.LedgerDimension;
//Do the posting using these account

Then suddenly it stopped working with the following error:

Ledger account with 511-323-300 with record ID 1111 does not match the current account and/or advanced rule structure associated with structure

After some troubleshooting, we found out that the customer recently had updated settings for Ledger account structures.

In X++ a LedgerDimension type is a reference to 3 entities:

  • Dimension structure
  • Ledger default account
  • Default dimension

So the error basically said that we couldn't use the same Dimension structure again.

The fix was quite simple - extract a Default account and Default dimension from the old LedgerDimension value and create a new LedgerDimension using these extracted values:

debitAccount  = LedgerDimensionFacade::serviceCreateLedgerDimension(              LedgerDefaultAccountHelper::getDefaultAccountFromLedgerDimension(DebitAccount),

creditAccount  = LedgerDimensionFacade::serviceCreateLedgerDimension(

After this change, the posting was successful. It was quite a tricky fix, hard to see at first.

So, I am trying to maintain a helper class that contains references to common ledger dimension operations(like in this post), feel free to check it and comment if something is missing.

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Denis Trunin
Written by Denis Trunin

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